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Jonathan Cole

Jonathan Cole is a consultant in Clinical Neurophysiology at Poole Hospital and professor at the University of Bournemouth. He trained in Oxford and London. His research has been in spinal cord injury and pain, tremor, and in sensory loss and its consequences.

In addition to empirical research he also has an interest in the subjective experience of neurological impairment and studied with Oliver Sacks as a medical student. His books include Pride and Daily Marathon, on Ian Waterman who lives without proprioception, Still Lives (on spinal cord injury) and The Invisible Smile, on living without facial expression.

Ian’s condition was featured in a BBC2 Horizon The Man Who Lost His Body and in Deborah Bull’s The Dancer’s Body. Ian’s story also featured in Peter Brook’s play L’Homme Qui (The Man Who). More recently Brook included a vignette on Ian in his play The Astonishing Valley, 2014. Jonathan has also just completed a follow up biography of Ian, provisional title Guinea Pig’s Tale which includes work with Siobhan Davies and Matthias Sperling. He has known Siobhan for some years and taught on proprioception at her studios.