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Sun 19 Sep 2021

Studios open 10am–8pm

Guy Sherwin in Conversation

As part of Guy Sherwin's exhibition Movements in Light, Siobhan Davies Dance presents a weekend of live performance works.

Sherwin presented a special programme of four live performance works: Sound Cuts (2007) performed with artist Lynn Loo, Wires (2004/2009), Bay Bridge from Embarcadero (2002/2006), and the seminal Man with Mirror (1976/2006). This programme was followed by a panel talk in which the artist was joined by Joy Sleeman (Head of Art History, Slade, UCL) and Steven Ball (artist and film researcher). They discussed ideas of ‘environment’ in response to Sherwin’s performances, from the working environment of the projectors, to the depicted environments of the landscapes within the work.

Also on display throughout the weekend, was Sherwin’s Tree Reflection #2 (2011), in which a single strip of film ran in opposite directions through two interlocked 16mm projectors. Facing each other in the centre of the room, mirrors project the images (of trees reflected in water) onto opposing walls.