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Sun 19 Sep 2021

Studios open 10am–8pm

Dance and Art Forum Panel Discussion: What does the Museum do for Dance?

This panel discussion considers the relationship between the dancer / choreographer and the museum or gallery. It considers the extent to which visual arts exhibition contexts can offer new opportunities for practice. What do these settings make possible that other contexts for performance do not? What are their limitations?

Leila Hasham, Associate Curator, Barbican Art Gallery; Jamila Johnson-Small, dancer and choreographer; Sarah Spies, choreographer, performance curator and lecturer; Tamara Tomic-Vajagic, Senior Lecturer in Dance, University of Roehampton; chaired by Martin Hargreaves, dramaturg and Director of Undergraduate Programmes at London Contemporary Dance School,

This panel discussion was recorded live at Siobhan Davies Studios, London on Thursday 9 November at the Dance and Art Forum: Why Dance in Museums? 

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