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Sun 19 Sep 2021

Studios open 10am–8pm

Subject to Change; a Less Resilient Way with Katye Coe

How might a dancer’s experience relate to those who attend to and care for others through listening and intuitive intelligence in other areas of life?

Dancer Katye Coe invites you to listen to a series of stories gathered from people in a range of professions and backgrounds talking about their experiences of surrender and the afterwards. From carers to new mothers, from warehouse staff to dancers, Coe highlights how the experience of these seemingly unrelated voices or disparate communities can relate to one another.

This evening of spoken word and movement performances performed by Coe and invited artists also welcomes you to think and speak about your experiences. This event is the fourth public moment in Katye's series of Torchlight events at Siobhan Davies Dance. Her year so far as a Torchlight Artist has investigated her themes of surrender and the afterwards in a rich variety of ways and contexts. Katye's research has included among others, voices of dancers, midwives, new mothers, sculptors, hospice care workers, experts in education, administrators and more. Over the last eight months she has collected and danced and noted and asked and provoked and convened and cried and disagreed and listened to their stories.