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Endangered Species: Part of Here Today…
25 Nov – 17 Dec 2014

Old Sorting Office
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This November/December, Endangered Species (2007) is shown as part of the international contemporary art exhibition Here Today… exploring the current state of our environment through diverse perspectives and media including painting, installation, wallpaper, sound, video, dance, music, sculpture and photography.

In 2005 Siobhan Davies participated in Cape Farewell’s expedition to the Arctic, where the sub-zero temperatures severely constricted her ability to move and breathe freely. Returning to London, she created Endangered Species, in which a 3D video projection of dance artist Sarah Warsop is displayed inside a museum vitrine, synonymous with an endangered animal saved for human curiosity and record. Warsop’s movements are exaggerated by a costume of long bending rods. As the piece progresses, the rods multiply and her movement becomes increasingly inhibited, embodying Davies’ physical and emotional responses to her experience of the Arctic and its accelerated warming. The film narrates a process of human evolution, which reaches an end point in extreme physical encumbrance.

Here Today… is in support of the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, which this year celebrates its 50th anniversary. With over 50 internationally-celebrated artists and emerging thinkers, Here Today… dares to challenge common perceptions, and empowers visitors to instigate massive change through a programme of events, talks and workshops inspired by this exhibition. The exhibition will tour globally to keep spreading the word.

Here Today… is curated by Artwise and supported by Baku Magazine.

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Old Sorting Office
London WC1