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SOUTH OF NO NORTH: Approaches to art and performance: Curated by Ben Harman, Director, Stills: Centre for Photography, Edinburgh
18 Sep – 29 Nov 2015

Siobhan Davies Studios
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SOUTH OF NO NORTH is an exhibition of new and existing works which reflect varying approaches to art as performance, or performance as art.

Contemporary works by Scotland-based artists, Ruth Barker, Alan Currall, Romany Dear and Anthony Schrag, who each use their own bodies in their work, are exhibited alongside early 20th century photographs by Fred Daniels, depicting the pioneering choreography of Margaret Morris, founder of the eponymous Margaret Morris Movement. Against the backdrop of these photographic images of movement, the exhibition explores some current approaches to the use of the human body within performance-based artistic practice. It draws attention to the relationship between the world of dance and the world or visual art, and asks whether documentation can provide an authentic experience of a work.

Each of the exhibiting artists take a slightly different approach to performance and documentation. Alan Currall makes recorded rather than live performances; Anthony Schrag prefers to describe his work involving action and participation with others rather than using the term ‘performance’; Romany Dear makes choreographed solo and group performances and exhibits printed texts that relate to her choreography while Ruth Barker’s performance-based works are live readings from memory. Collectively their work highlights varied approaches to the way contemporary artists make live work involving human movement.

Exhibiting works include:

Ruth Barker exhibits written and typed text works on paper for the duration of the exhibition. Highlighting the vocal movement in her work, these will comprise a score, in three interlocking parts, for a new live performance that she will make on 3 October.

Alan Currall's video work, How I would probably do it (2004), a four minute monologue of self-reflexive running commentary on how best to proceed with an ambiguous physical task, is being presented alongside Head (2004), an audio monologue of a male voice detailing the attributes of an ideal body.

Romany Dear exhibits a small series of printed texts comprised of written instructions and ‘transcriptions’ of her choreographed performances. On 3 October, Romany will show 2 live works, Solo Variations (2015) and Ballers (2014) danced with Ashanti Harris. Both works demonstrate her interest in using choreography and movement to explore ideas around athletics, communication, resistance and rhythm. Click here to book the performance

Video documentation of Anthony Schrag's current project, Lure of the Lost: A Contemporary Pilgrimage (2015), a 2500+ km walk from Huntly in Aberdeenshire to Venice, Italy. A three month-long journey taking him through Britain, France and Italy to reach the modern-day sacred site for many artists: the Venice Biennale. Documentation has been produced in collaboration with photographer Stuart Armitt. Lure of the Lost: A Contemporary Pilgrimage is organised by Deveron Arts.  

20 black and white photographs by Fred Daniels (1892-1959), taken in the 1920s and 1930s and depicting the choreography of Margaret Morris are being exhibited throughout the Siobhan Davies Studios. The images have been produced from scans of original material held within the Margaret Morris collection in Perth, Scotland.

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