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60 I 40 Starting Point Series 2009: Notes for a Future Work
21 Jul – 4 Sep 2009

Siobhan Davies Studios

The first of the annual exhibition series presented by 60|40 at Siobhan Davies Studios, Starting Point Series.

Inspired by the creative movement that takes place in the dance studios, the artists explored how movement can be held and communicated through objects using their individual defined disciplines within the applied arts: ceramics, silversmithing and bookbinding.  Each works on the outer boundaries of their discipline, and in this exhibition they aimed to expand the environment for experimental applied arts and created the first of what will be an annual exhibition, the Starting Point Series.

In Notes for a future work, Clare Twomey explored body movement and awareness of energy and action in craft making through a series of photographs located throughout the building. Tracey Rowledge looked at movement through the soft reflections made by people as they moved past a large gilded panel. Tracey Rowledge filmed the moving reflections and then projected this ‘dance’ elsewhere in the building. David Clarke played with notions of stillness and resting, by creating forms from found objects which were reliant on the building for support.

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Siobhan Davies Studios
85 St George's Road
London SE1 6ER
T +44 (0)20 7091 9650
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