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Sun 5 Dec 2021

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60 I 40 Starting point series 2010
9 Jul – 17 Oct 2010

Siobhan Davies Studios

Linda Florence, a textile artist, David Gates, a furniture maker, and, Chris Keenan, a potter, created work that explored the relationship between the Studios’ activities and their own practice. This was the second in the Starting point series at Siobhan Davies Studios, devised by 60|40, a crafts collective which encourages new thinking in the applied arts and expands the environment for experimental applied arts.

Furniture maker David Gates made One Hundred Legs – wooden legs or struts which were placed around the building. He also created a sound piece called Licorice Straps. ‘On my visits to the Studios I have been struck by the rhythms set up visually by the dancers. Whether rehearsing or moving around the building their poise, posture and balance against the linear framing of the architecture. In some settings the legs need the walls for rest and balance, in others they appear almost as scaffold, in their turn supporting the building. I am intrigued to see whether users of the studios will engage with the legs, move them, carry them, re-place or even work with them.’ David Gates

Textile artist Linda Florence designed a series of three zoetropes to hang one above the other in the stairwell of Siobhan Davies Studios. She says ‘I was interested in making a piece for the staircase as I found that visitors often stopped on each landing to remove shoes and could not see the visitors above or below them on the other floors at that time. I wanted to make a piece of work which would link visitors on each floor together by one person turning a zoetrope at the top of the staircase and this making the lower zoetropes also spin.’

Potter Chris Keenan presented a piece where viewers become curators and may arrange the work as they wish. He crafted a number of clay forms which could be grouped together. ‘The work I am making for Siobhan Davies Studios is diametrically opposed to the work I have been making up until now in that it is joyfully and resolutely non-functional. The three forms – column, cone and sphere – can lean, stand or lie; beside or atop one another; huddled all together, alone or ranged in groups. Choices made by the onlooker determine the content of each temporary installment of the narrative.’

60|40 is an independent artists collective, founded by Clare Twomey, David Clarke and Tracey Rowledge.