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60|40 Starting Point series 2011
1 Jul – 28 Aug 2011

Siobhan Davies Studios

This summer 60|40 presented the third exhibition in its Starting point series. Phoebe Cummings (ceramic artist), Julie Cook (textile artist), and Michelle Shields (applied artist) created new work that explored the relationship between Siobhan Davies Studios’ activities and their own practices.

Ceramic artist Phoebe Cummings brought clay into the building, constructing and hoisting an intricate line of raw material from a pulley. The task was suspended within the architectural interior, where Cummings responded to the rhythm of activities both inside and beyond the studios, and considered choreography in relation to industrial production. Informed by her experience working within the vast Kohler Co. factory in Wisconsin, she explored the rules, timing, motion and outcomes of a set task, where gravity, balance and collapse must all be negotiated.

Textile artist Julie Cook presented a series of interventions to comfort and protect the body. She combined found materials such as duvets, blankets, and pillowcases with stitch and tapes to create wearable panaceas for the human condition. Historically the Studios lay in the shadows of the notorious Bethlem Hospital, a place of suffering and pain. Cook explored the need for release through embodiment and movement.

The process of making lies at the core of applied artist Michelle Shields’ practice. By adopting methods, techniques and materials traditionally used to create jewellery, she built up repetitions which physically documented movement and time. Shields presented three works using the material iron, held in place with silver. By recording the construction of an object, the work is poised between making and unmaking.

60|40 is a crafts collective which encourages new thinking in the applied arts and expands the environment for experimental applied arts. 60|40 Starting point series presents work made by artists in response to Siobhan Davies Studios.

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