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Time and Transition: Tamsin van Essen: Curated by Clare Twomey
1 May – 31 Jul 2015

Siobhan Davies Studios

Evolving in three phases:
Phase 1: 1 May–31 May
Phase 2: 1 June–29 June
Phase 3: 30 June–31 July

In an exhibition curated by Clare Twomey, ceramicist Tamsin van Essen works for three months at Siobhan Davies Studios, revealing the evolution of the making process.  With three critical phases, the work responds to movement and stillness within the building.

In the first phase, an existing body of ceramic work by van Essen, including vases inspired the by the melancholy opulence of 17th Century Dutch Vanitas paintings, mark the starting point for her investigation. Focusing on the fragile point where the form begins to break down, the porcelain vases convey the delicacy of a static object caught before the point of collapse. Alongside the ceramic pieces, sketches of dancers from Siobhan Davies Studios capture the feeling of someone or something being frozen for a moment in time before continuing.

Initially displayed in a traditional manner on plinths, the pieces migrate throughout the building during the second and third phases with new experimental works being added, revealing the artist's thought process in responding to the building and the movement within it.

The works are accompanied by a filmed discussion series between Twomey and van Essen, revealing the artist-curator partnership and developing dialogue around the challenges of creating works in a public space.

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