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Sun 5 Dec 2021

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Manifold: Under the Influence
4 Jul – 5 Aug 2013

Siobhan Davies Studios
Free entry

Siobhan Davies Dance had the pleasure to welcome back 60|40 for the fifth and final year of the Starting point series, the 60|40 collective made a departure from previous years by extending their invitation to studio group Manifold, who took a residency approach to the invitation.

To mark the beginning of their three-month stay, they staged Under The Influence, an exhibition which explored the different inspirations and approaches taken by each individual studio member.

Manifold’s approach embraced Siobhan Davies Dance’s ethos of working with artists: a two-way exchange of knowledge, a mutually beneficial relationship that is responsive and not prescriptive. Rather than making work which is exhibited straight away, Manifold spent time in the building being influenced by the space, using the opportunity to examine their own practice deeply and how it fits into the wider context of the applied arts.

‘It is necessary to have a master who by his teaching and precepts stirs and awakens the moral virtues whose seed is enclosed and buried in our souls.’ Baldesar Castiglione – Italian Renaissance courtier and author

‘Under the Influence represents a collection of those masters who have had a key influence, and awoken things within each of the Manifold artists, whether or not they knew it at the time. This collection of artists, makers, musicians, teachers, writers and family members provides solid foundation to Manifold’s takeover of Siobhan Davies Studios this summer, offering a triangulation point between our influences, the place, and the work we make during our stay.’ Manifold


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