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Extend it - Moving Descriptions: Movement & English
Thu 27 Nov 2014, 10am–3pm

Siobhan Davies Studios
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A day of workshops and discussion for primary teachers looking at how to develop and structure dance with EYFS- KS2 children, and embed movement confidently into your teaching practise.

Exploring textures, sounds, and shapes participants develop a toolkit of methods to create movement and generate descriptive writing with children that enriches their vocabulary and comprehension, and engages learners in dance.

Suitable for primary teachers with lots and limited dance experience.

Supported by a detailed resource pack jam-packed with lesson plans, curriculum links, music suggestions and top tips.

Connected to the new English National Curriculum: Reading Comprehension & Writing Composition.

Extend it- Moving Nature is part of Siobhan Davies Dance Human- Nature programme responding to the work of Christian Kerrigan in his exhibition First to Bloom, Last to Leave.

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Book a place on Extend It- Moving Descriptions & either Extend It- Position, Shape & Angles or Extend It- Position, Shape & Angles and get a place on the 3rd workshop for you or a colleague free.

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