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Minutes at Hayward Gallery, London: Shown as part of Move: Choreographing You
27–28 Nov 2010

Hayward Gallery, London

Siobhan Davies Dance perform Minutes as part of the Hayward’s current exhibition Move: Choreographing You. It will be performed continuously for four hours on two days only as part of the exhibition.

Minutes was originally shown as part of The Collection, 2009, a collaboration with Victoria Miro Gallery which brought together dance artists, filmmakers and visual artists. 

Performed continuously for four hours each day, Minutes is a series of short, detailed, powerful and often humorous episodes. The gallery setting allows the audience to move freely around the space, to create their own time frame and perspective of the work and appreciate the immediate proximity of the dancers. The dance is juxtaposed with A Solo in the Doldrum by Anri Sala. This piece features a custom-made snare drum that conceals an in-built speaker playing an unseen dance previously performed by Siobhan Davies.

Minutes is performed by:

Catherine Bennett
Matteo Fargion
Henry Montes
Deborah Saxon
Matthias Sperling

Move: Choreographing You explores the historical and current relationship between visual arts, dance and performance. The exhibition focuses on visual artists and choreographers from the last 50 years who create sculptures and installations that turn the audience into active participants – even into dancers. It runs at the Hayward Gallery, Southbank Centre, London, until 9 January 2011.

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