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Fort-Da: Round About Box, Tub-thumper and I know you are but what am I?
Sat 26 Oct 2013, 2–5pm

Siobhan Davies Studios
Free entry

The first of our Fort-Da performance days, Ali MacGilp brings Adam James, Adrian Lee and Mark Wayman to the Studios for 3 performances.

Mark Wayman, Round About Box   

Join Mark Wayman on a tour of the Elephant & Castle roundabout. He invites us to examine with him the mysterious silver box that lies at the heart of its twisted pathways. Its stainless steel paneling reflects the light, denying penetration of its interior. After listening to several alternative and overlapping narratives, the viewer is left to draw their own conclusions as to its true history and function.

Adrian Lee, Tub-thumper    

In the church-like architecture of the Roof Studio, Lee explores the theatrical choreography of an Evangelist preacher during a YouTube sermon. As the preacher paces and gesticulates emphatically Lee deconstructs the complex pattern of movements and actions he uses to manipulate the audience’s emotions. While unpicking the mechanics of the event, Lee exposes the cynical deployment of the body language of sincerity we encounter everyday in attempts to sell us products, beliefs and policies.

Adam James, I know you are but what am I?    

Playground politics never really goes away. Adam James uses the techniques of live action role play (LARP) to stage a series of confrontations between two opposing groups in a playground setting. Overseen by two games masters, a group of dancers and a group of larpers will take us back to the primal scene of the schoolyard in an attempt to understand ‘outsiderness’. Using ritual, role-play and movement and working through personal experiences, the performance aims to create a space where both performers and audience members can reconcile themselves with past conflicts.    

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Siobhan Davies Studios
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