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Sun 19 Sep 2021

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Dance vs. Neuroscience: a panel discussion
Fri 25 Sep 2015, 7.30pm

Siobhan Davies Studios
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Event duration: 60 to 90 minutes
Bar open before and after

Neuroscientist Guido Orgs and Choreographer Matthias Sperling host a lively discussion reflecting on their current research collaboration and the broader questions that arise from it, with the help of a panel of extremely distinguished guests: Lutz Förster (Artistic Director, Tanztheater Wuppertal), Siobhan Davies (Choreographer and Artistic Director, Siobhan Davies Dance), Jonathan Cole (Clinical Neurophysiologist and Professor, University of Bournemouth) and Annemieke Apergis-Schoute (Cognitive Neuroscientist, Cambridge University). 

In a playfully-structured discussion, they will lightly but fiercely question interdisciplinarity: in the rapidly expanding field of art-science collaborations, what is dance doing with neuroscience and what is neuroscience doing with dance?

This event is funded by an ESRC Transformative research grant on Synchronous movement cooperation and the Performing Arts.

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Siobhan Davies Studios
85 St George's Road
London SE1 6ER
T +44 (0)20 7091 9650

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