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The Mobile Meadow - Seed Harvesting: with special seed packet in partnership with Kew Garden's Grow Wild
Sat 4 Oct 2014, 2–3.30pm

The Mobile Gardeners' Plant Station
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As part of Elefest, guerrilla gardener Richard Reynolds and movement artist Simon Whitehead present the final stage of The Mobile Meadow.

Earlier this year Richard and Simon invited members of the public to plant and nurture wild flowers. When the flowers bloomed in June they led the public on a choreographed walk with the flowers in their pots around the Elephant & Castle regeneration zone. The project ends with a talk at the Mobile Gardeners’ new planting station followed by seed planting and distribution for the next season.

Seed Packet

To mark the end of The Mobile Meadow we have produced a special seed packet in partnership with Kew Garden's Grow Wild initiative.

We invite you to use this seed packet to store your gathered seed until sowing next Spring, or pass onto friends and family to encourage them to grow as well. We hope that you will continue to sow and grow wild flowers to keep the spirit of The Mobile Meadow alive for years to come.

You can sow directly onto soil outside or continue to create a potted meadow that can be mobile and grow with you!

Please download, print and assemble the seed packet template which you can find here, or come along to our Seed Harvesting event on Saturday 4 October where you can collect a readymade seed packet filled with The Mobile Meadow wild flower seed gathered from this year's harvest.

Download seed packet template here.

The talk begins at 2.30pm.

Seed Sowing Guide

  1. In the Spring fill a pot, seed tray, planter or other container with soil; or sow in the Autumn directly onto the soil outside.
  2. Gently pat the soil down leaving a gap of about 1cm at the top of the container.
  3. Scatter seed evenly, gently pressing into the surface of the soil.
  4. Cover larger seeds with a light covering of soil.
  5. Gently water your seeds well and keep them moist as they grow.

For further information or to book for Saturday 4 October call 020 7091 9650 or e-mail

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