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What has Nature ever done for Us?: Tony Juniper
Fri 27 Jun 2014, 7pm

Siobhan Davies Studios
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Britain’s leading environmental campaigner, Tony Juniper discusses the services nature performs for us, from the provision of water and food to the atmosphere and environment which sustains and protects us.

For more than 25 years Tony Juniper has worked for change towards a more sustainable society. Speaking with reference to his newly published book What has Nature ever done for us? - Why money really does grow on trees, Tony Juniper focuses on the idea of Natural Capital and its critical importance to us. Introduced and chaired by Sue Illman, President of the Landscape Institute.

This event is in association with the Landscape Institute and is part of Seeding the City a programme of talks across two weekends in May and June curated in partnership with Nomad and held as part of London Festival of Architecture 2014.

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