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Animated Environments

Animated Environments is an exhibition series at Siobhan Davies Studios, curated by Charles Danby, examining the active potential of images as still frames of time, within the fields of photography, film and event.

The invitation to curator Charles Danby brought to the fore both a common artistic enquiry and a shared approach with choreographer Siobhan Davies: on the one hand a desire to question the relationship between the still and the moving image, and on the other a structural approach leading to reassessing the form of the work itself.

The series opened with Guy Sherwin’s Movements in Light in 2011.  Sherwin has occupied a central position within experimental film culture since the mid 1970s. His works are best characterised by their use of movement and light, both within the films and within the processes he sets up in making them.

Visual artist Graham Gussin was the second artist in the series, presenting new and existing works which focus on painting, film, photography and text as platforms for performance. The friction of visual art and dance is a defining aspect in all of Siobhan Davies’ own work and commissions, allowing each art form to stand alongside the other.

And in the final part of the series, Steven Pippin explores the limits of photographic images, and questions how the camera ‘sees’ and how its images are made.

‘Our experience of the world and our environment is both in continuum and in fragment and through the artists invited in Animated Environments – Guy Sherwin, Graham Gussin and now Steven Pippin – this series considers this necessary paradox, its richness and malleability when put in creative hands.  Through film, live event and photography these artists have exposed the structures that mediate both fundamental and complex relations between still and moving images; understanding a still image as a component part of a moving image and a moving image as a sequence, replication and time based action of a still frame.’ Charles Danby, Curator

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