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Exhibitions 2013

Siobhan Davies Studios hosts a vibrant exhibitions programme with talks and tours by the artists.  Entry is free.

In 2013, Siobhan Davies Dance presented an exhibition of new work by artist Lilah Fowler, exploring the relationship between visual art, movement and space.  Round circles, props and edges ran from 18 Janurary until 24 March.

Phil Coy presented a series of sound, video and performance works that defy expectations and test the limits and structures of their own presentation.  Moving Images ran from 26 April – 2 June.

60|40's Starting point series returned for its final year with an invitation to multidisciplinary studio group Manifold, who took a residency approach to the invitation.  In July, Manifold curated Under The Influence, an exhibition of works by individuals who have influenced their creative practice. August was a period of intense making and thinking through discussion and being ‘present’ in the Studios space, culminating in an exhibition of new works, Unfold which ran throughout September.